1989: Start of the network "Onderwijs grenzeloos. Education sans frontières, Education without frontiers, Unterricht ohne Grenzen" with seven schools from six countries.

The big group of teachers Geldrop April 1991. A few previous meetings were organised at Strabecht College - Geldrop (NL) to plan every details of the first big meeting in 1991.

First general big Europroject Meeting - October 1991

The first Europroject Meeting happened in its birthplace – the Strabrecht College. Delegations of more than 20 pupils and teachers, coming from the 12 EU countries, arrived at the Strabrecht College for a week full of activities: discussions of themes, presentation of motions in a Plenary Session in the presence of the Ministry of Education, Games without Frontiers, Exhibition illustrative of the European diversity, dinner with specialities coming from all the countries, Ecumenical Religious Service, where the Bible excerpt on Babylon ower Building was read in all the languages by each pupil in chorus… Fantastic and unrepeatable!

1990-1992: Seven more schools joined the network; all the EU countries are represented from now on.

1991: In October, big Conference, opened by the Dutch Minister of Education,ˆ of all schools in Geldrop (The Netherlands): about 300 foreign students and about 40 foreign teachers are hosted in families for a week and followed seminars, held discussions etc.

1992 - Belgian Presidency
This conference in Dendermonde was attended by Mrs Laura Vicqueira (Task Force).

In the annual school celebrations the Belgian school organized a sports event to which a group of pupils and 2 teachers of the Europroject Network were invited. The delegations formed international teams: football, triathlon, volleyball, badminton and basketball and entered the competition between European and not national teams, helping to fight nationalism and prejudices. That was a week full of sportive emotions and excellent Belgian hospitality.

1993: French presidency
The two French schools organized a Conference on "European Education" for pupils and teachers. The main aim of the Meeting was the formal signature of The Charter of the Europroject - Education Without Frontiers, Onderwijs Grenzenloos, which was done by all the Directors under the presidency of the Academy of Versailles Rector.

1994: German presidency Euromusical

The German school prepared and produced a musical - BETWEEN - Bring Europe Together Without Envy Ecocide and Nationalism. In the plot, a mixture of mythology and reality, the Goddess Europa, kidnapped by Zeus would only recover her freedom, after having succeeded in uniting the European youngsters around the forces of Good. It was participated by 150 pupils of the 14 Europroject schools: In that unity there is always place for diversity. Pupils of each country were called to performance something typical of their cultures. Portuguese pupils sang fado played the guitar in a choreography illustrative of the 'lusa soul''

1995: Luxembourgian presidency: The Contribution of Minorities for the European Culture
That was the theme of the conference organised by the two Luxemburg Lycées. Youngsters thought about the enrichment brought along by minority cultures to the European culture in the fields of arts, language, daily life, commercial and industrial exchanges...Diversity was praised and Unity of Europa was celebrated again. The Euro musical BETWEEN was performed once again on Esch-sur-Alzette Stage.

1996: Spanish presidency
Conference on "Communication of values, with a special attention to the Way to Santiago and other pilgrimage routes".

The Way to Santiago, a link between the peoples of Europe In the Conference organized by Instituto de Bachillerato Luis Buñuel, Zaragoza, the theme was medieval pilgrimages in Europe, specially related to Santiago Way and its contribution for the building of an European Cultural Identity. Among other activities, the pilgrimage, with medieval chants, sayings and hostage at a inn on the Way made by the international group was the most meaningful. This school left the project in the meantime and is now replaced by Instituto de Educación Secundaria "Miguel Catalán".

May 1997: Conference of Headteachers and teachers in Imola.     (one of the working sessions in Imola)


1997: British presidency. Big conference of all schools in Walton-on-Thames on "The media. Communication of values". Media and Communication of Values

In October 1997, Rydens School, Walton-on-Thames, United Kingdom, brought the network together around the theme the Power of the Media. The participants were able to visit the British Parliament attended a debate between politicians and media representatives to determine who leads the country, politicians or journalists. The end result was that they both need each other to get through to the big public. In the Cultural evening there was Cabaret, in which the Portuguese pupils presented a puppet-show with puppets made by themselves.

1998: Portuguese presidency. Conference on "Communication of values ˆ The Oceans: communication between people / exchange of cultures; a heritage for the future". Oceans: communication between peoples; exchange of cultures
In September 1998, Escola Secundaría de Francisco Rodrigues Lobo, hosted the Euroweek around the Oceans theme in connection with the World Expo in Lisbon. The participant schools divided in subnetworks prepared sub-topics: the oceans as source of artistic inspiration, as birth of civilization, as source of leisure, the ocean and the ecological balance. The end products were shown during the conference. The newspaper "Quadrant"informing the region about the event was part of and delievered together with "Jornal de Leiria". There was theatre, songs and dance on Leiria Theatre stage, dinner for all the participants and families, supper at the castle offered by the Governor and at a restaurant by the Mayor where international songs were sung. Schools visited the World Expo and were officially recognized by their work

1999: Dutch presidency GenEUrations
In October 1999, Strabrecht College took turn with the theme GenEUrations, Dreams and Hopes in Past, Present and Future. It ended in an interesting debate on what is done, can be done, and should be done in our Europe for the future of our continent. The worst fear for the young generation was the risk of nuclear plants. In the cultural evening pupils showed their dreams, hopes and fears by means of creative performances.

2000: Danish presidency Democracy
In October 2000, Bagsvaerd Kostskole og Gymnasium, carried out the theme Democracy. The final debate outlined ideal democratic societies and schools. The cultural evening was a creative show of varied artistic performances related to the topic studied at home.

2001 - April - May 2004 Meeting in Imola "3 GenEURations" >>> >>2001: Greek presidency/German presidency Discovering the Wealth of Diversity through Arts.

> >In March-April 2001, Second Lyceum of Kalamaria, offered a conference on Discovering the Wealth of Diversity through Arts. This was a double conference, offered not only to students but also to a large group of Greek teachers. The students worked on diversity by creating works of art while teachers discussed how schools could most benefit from diversity of any kind, e.g. ethnic, social, physical or mental - art being an excellent means for differentiation in classroom where the rich cultural mosaic of our European culture can be built.

October 2001 "Play it Again" - Wittekind Gymnasium

>In October 2001 the Euroweek was held again in Wittekind-Gymnasium, Lübbecke, Germany. The schools produced another musical – Play it Again - revue of 20th century music relating it to European history.

2003. Austrian presidency European Identies

In 2003, Bundesrealgymnasium 19, Wien organized the project week European Identies for the whole network under the patronage of the Austrian UNESCO Commission. The two main themes were to learn how to appreciate the wealth of languages and cultural diversity in Europe. The students were able to familiarize themselves with one of each country's minority language. The cultural diversity was demonstrated through both UNESCO official world heritage sites in each country and students own proposals for new sites. Our school presented "the Cultural Landscape of Sintra" as the official site and "The Lapedovalley" was the proposal for an applicancy to a new one. The presentations were exhibited at Schönbrunn Castle. 2004. Italian Presidency "Sport and Sport Europe" "Alessandro da Imola" and "Rambaldi-Valeriani"

>organised the annual large

"Euro-Project Network" meeting in Imola in May 2004.

Sixteen shools from all over Europe sent their delegations of students and teachers and together we went on our building up process of a United Europe.....

2005. Belgian presidency IDE@S International Drama Experience at School

IDE@S stands for International Drama Experience at School. Students from 13 European countries adapted parts from Homer's Odyssey and presented the result of their 'e-working' in a theatre workshop at the Heilige - Maagdcollege in Dendermonde, as part of the annual conference of "Education without Frontiers. The Europroject team of this school organised this ambitious, European drama project, which was awarded an European prize --- Winner of the Promethean e-learning award for school collaboration 2005 - The project E@T – Europeans at Table, gathered everybody at the European table on which the most delicious delicatessen cooked and baked at school by the teachers with ingredients brought from home, as it was the case of our 'bacalhau' (dried cod), or bought there. Belgian chocolate, specially conceived for the occasion to offer to the participants was something special

2006. Spanish presidency Aqua. Water and Sustainability in Europe


This was the theme of the Conference organized by the Aragon school. Integrated in the theme of Zaragoza 2008 International Expo and closely linked to the Basic Values project in which many of the Network schools are involved. The main activity proposed for the school year was the development of a research about one important river of each European region in which every School is situated. This research was presented to the rest of the delegations. Besides, students improved their mutual contacts participating in several art and drama activities and in a sportive and recreational excursion on the banks of the Ebro River, where students learned about the hydro-geography of the meander system of a Mediterranean River.

2007. Finnish presidency Taiga - Forest Fair.

The annual conference of the Europroject Network "Education without frontiers" was hold in Jyväskylä in May 2007 and was called Taiga - Forest Fair. Integrated in the theme of Basic Values, we studied several aspects related to the Forest to learn how to appreciate, to value and to respect it. "Taiga Forest Website" http://www.peda.net/veraja/jyvaskyla/cygnaeuslukio/inenglish/euro_project/conference

2008 Swedish Presidency

"ECO ROCKES" http://ecorock.dinstudio.se/