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Latest conference: Heart and Soul Conference

The annual big conference of our network, Heart&Soul Conference, was organized by Schildtin lukio on May 6th – 7th 2021 and the network matters were discussed at that two-day online conference. The students were also involved in this May conference with several creative workshops.

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The logo was designed by media student Patrick Florent from Gradia.


Celebrating 30 Years of Europroject

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C-side Conference Belgium

11 - 15 May 2022 Óscar Romerocollege Dendermonde Belgium

After nearly more than two years of only virtual meetings, our network is reconnecting at a conference in real life. The Belgian team is looking forward to receive you all at the Belgian seaside in Oostende.

During Covid, we learnt what happens when brain and heart are disconnected at school. The online lessons in the covid era focussed mainly on the brain and studying. Many students lost their motivation and felt burning out without a rich social life. It seemed that students needed more than interesting lessons to be succesful at school.

At this conference we are exploring how we can support our students to learn better in a post-covid world by making them feel well at school.

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